About Us

LEIT DATA was founded in 2018 by data visionaries. With an average of over 20 years’ experience in data ecosystems we are dedicated to unlocking the value of data and maximising businesses analytics potential.

We focus on data strategy, data management, data security, data engineering, analytics, and AI/machine learning.

By selecting best in class software partners and creating teams of professional driven data experts, we have achieved customer goals and are exceeding customer expectations.

Data Strategy Is The Key

Businesses usually perceive data as a part of technology, which requires a heavy long-term investment in data management and solving data problems. Any organisation possesses data and it is truly an asset that helps to growth. For an effective strategy, there should be an innovation, addressing the need of users, risks, and regulations.

The key components of data strategy are identifying, storing, provisioning, processing, and governing. With our in-depth experience in data, we make this process seamless for you. 

Utilising Data To Fuel Your Business

Our mission is to maximise the potential of businesses through data and analytics. Being experts in the industry, we have proven strategies and processes to ensure your business achieves the highest potential.

We have an inbuilt data lab to demonstrate all our data capabilities. With a startup mindset and agile methodology, we ensure your business requirement is understood and your goal is delivered accurately with the highest efficiency.

Why Choose Us

Data Experts

The founders have used their vast experience to develop diverse teams of highly skilled individuals. The dynamic teams have proven to deliver innovative bespoke data solutions and outstanding customer services.

Inbuilt Lab Environment

We have a fully functioning internally built LAB environment that provides an example of a modern data stack from replication to visualisation.

Replication through to visualisation

We have partnered with the best vendors across the whole data ecosystem.